Training and Programs

David Waggoner offers a wide variety of services and programs that can be customized for you, your team, and your organization, including the following:

The Art of Political Savvy strengthens participants' ability to tread political waters with integrity and success.

  • Acquire a working definition of "political savvy."
  • Learn to master the craft of influencing, networking, and dealing with conflict
  • Recognize unique organizational realities and become better at operating within them
  • Enhance your talent for detecting deception and dealing with complex organizational situations

Empowering Communication in Teamwork studies our interactions from essential communication to more sophisticated practices.

  • Understand why it is almost impossible for humans to communicate successfully
  • Explore components of effective communication
  • Become skilled at the art of speaking
  • Discover the "Three Conversations Model" enabling immediate communication improvement

Unlocking Executive Presence is an intimate, thought-provoking, and motivational session to develop a unique and authentic executive presence.

  • Understand the importance of perception in harnessing a captivating reputation
  • Determine the impact of appearance, behavior, and body language
  • Improve your confidence and credibility in complicated interpersonal interactions
  • Craft and express your executive presence blueprint

Everyday Negotiation is a thought-provoking and spirited program that teaches the skills to negotiate in ways that create lasting solutions while keeping one's social capital protected.

  • Uncover your baseline negotiation behavior
  • Embrace the negotiation mindset
  • Expand your understanding of leverage: the forms in which it presents itself and how to capitalize on it
  • Develop application tools for immediate practice

Influencing without Authority shows how to influence others to buy-in to and take action on our ideas when we do not have formal authority.

  • Discover why humans make influencing difficult
  • Understand unique influence styles and tactics
  • Improve your ability to build relationships and influence through them
  • Learn the "secret" to gaining people's buy-in

Presentation Excellence, which focuses on how to speak articulately, eloquently, and expressively, is an empowering, inspirational, participative, workshop.

  • Master presentation delivery through inspiration, body language, and affect management
  • Strengthen the competency of storytelling
  • Realize unique presentation styles through practice and video
  • Engage in one-to-one coaching to sustain performance