The benefits of coaching are numerous. Coaching can help clients:

  • Increase self-awareness
  • Deepen emotional intelligence and social intelligence
  • Improve mental discipline
  • Leverage internal strengths
  • Understand the power of reputation and become aware of others' perceptions
  • Improve relationships and mindfully mobilize networks
  • Increase productivity, motivation, and effort
  • Strengthen the ability to influence
  • Discover their capacity to change
  • Navigate the waters of organizational politics

Coaching creates a helping relationship between a client and a coach who uses a range of cognitive and behavioral techniques to help the client achieve a mutually defined set of goals.

The coach's role is to empower the client to unlock potential and tap into capabilities. Clients discover distinctive behaviors, mindsets, qualities, and tools. These instruments, added to personal strengths, empower success through previously unidentified courses of action.

To be coached is an active choice on the part of the client. A good coach fully engages, yet for the relationship to succeed, the client must personally invest. If you are ready to take responsibility for your development, willing to identify coaching objectives, understand that coaching is a partnership, and prepared to follow through on between-session activities, then you are ready for coaching.