Empowering Professionals. Unlocking Potential. Inspiring Success

Does a senior leader need help transitioning into a new leadership role?

Is one of your managers having trouble dealing with complicated interpersonal team dynamics?

Does your company's HR department need advice for dealing with turnover in your company?

David Waggoner is ready to assist you, your team, your department, and your organization as he has helped more than thirty global companies and government departments for more than twenty years. His worldwide experience includes helping organizations in Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, and Latin America.

Authentic, passionate, positive, and enthusiastic, David is a dynamic communicator and teacher in the areas of executive coaching, leadership and organization development, and individual and organization assessment,

By guiding, teaching, and providing learning that people can use immediately, David can help you and your team

  • Anticipate the future and changes that will impact you and your organization
  • Develop the ability to respond rather than react
  • Strengthen the capacity to navigate a volatile and uncertain world
  • Enhance your ability to influence and shape complex organizational networks
  • Fortify your competence in dealing with interpersonal and organizational conflict
  • Create and sustain a compelling presence
  • Improve individual and organizational resilience
  • Build and maintain a deliberate corporate culture

Whatever your goal is, David can help you reach it by

  • Creating and delivering customized global leadership development programs
  • Providing made-to-order organization development
  • Helping individuals and organizations master change in ambiguous business environments
  • Aiding organizations to strategically create an optimal culture
  • Coaching in the areas of executive presence, influencing, and presentation skills
  • Reducing the stress of negative emotion in interpersonal relationships
  • Improving and strengthening people's personal reputations